Teaching Kids About Women’s Rights: A Review of ‘I Dare! I Can! I Will!: The Day the Icelandic Women Walked Out and Inspired the World” by Linda Olafsdottir

If you’re looking for a book that will teach kids about the history of women’s rights, look no further than I Dare! I Can! I Will!: The Day the Icelandic Women Walked Out and Inspired the World by Linda Olafsdottir. Following a young girl named Vera and her mother as they leave their home for Women’s Day Off, young readers will learn the history of this celebration through the conversation between mother and daughter.

Title: I Dare! I Can! I Will!: The Day the Icelandic Women Walked Out and Inspired the World
Author/Illustrator: Linda Olafsdottir
Published: March 14, 2023
Published: Cameron Kids
Format: Picture Book

The original Women’s Day Off, or Long Friday, occurred on October 24th, 1975, in Iceland. On that day, women across the country went on strike from their jobs, both paid and unpaid, and refused to do any housework or childcare. Farmworkers, butchers, and fisherwomen, wives, daughters, and children gathered together in the streets of Reykjavik to demand equal rights, equal pay, and an end to discrimination.

I Dare! I Can! I Will! depicts the history of the Icelandic Women’s Strike in a way that is both educational and engaging for children. Written in accessible language for children, it’s an ideal tool for teaching young readers about women’s rights and the ongoing struggle for equality and social justice in many communities today. The timeless message of standing up for what is right is as relevant today as it was in 1975.

The illustrations in I Dare! I Can! I Will! are absolutely wonderful – they really bring the story to life and capture the spirit of the march. And the fact that the book depicts women from different backgrounds and class divisions marching together highlights the power of collective action and the impact that we can make when we all stand together.

I Dare! I Can! I Will! officially releases next week, but you can preorder your copy wherever books are sold today, including Bookshop and Amazon.

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