Once Upon a Book by Grace Lin and Kate Messner: A Tale of Adventure, Imagination, and Gratitude

Once Upon a Book by Grace Lin and Kate Messner is a charming and imaginative story that will transport you to a world of adventure and wonder! This dynamic duo of award-winning picture book authors bring their unique storytelling skills to the table, making this book a truly special and memorable experience.

Authors: Grace Lin and Kate Messner
Illustrator: Grace Lin
Publisher: Little Brown Books For Young Readers
Published: February 7, 2023
Format: Picture Book

Grace’s beautiful illustrations bring the text to life, with a style that will captivate you from the first page. The text reads like a modern folktale, with a lyrical and expressive story about a young girl who embarks on a journey of imagination and discovery, Once Upon a Book celebrates the joy of reading and the power of books. It’s a great pick for teachers, librarians, and booksellers who love books that inspire kids to read.

Representation matters, and Once Upon a Book features an Asian main character in a story that’s not all about their identity, filling a gap in the market for joyful stories starring BIPOC characters. It’s so important to have diverse stories about adventure, joy, and imagination for all kids to see themselves in.

And the reviews speak for themselves! “Once Upon a Book” has received three stars from Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, and The Horn Book. Publishers Weekly even says it offers “a warm, Sendakian view of books’ cinematic and transportive powers”.

With so much to offer, “Once Upon a Book” is a must-read for children and adults alike. You can find it at bookstores everywhere, including Bookshop and Amazon. Get your copy today and start your journey!

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