Review: Kids Around The World Series

If you’re looking to introduce a young reader to different cultures across the globe, Albatros Books has a series for you. The Kids Around The World Series currently has two titles (with another coming early next year) that focus on the ways different cultures celebrate different holidays, as well as the ways our everyday lives might differ.

How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World

Just in time for Christmas, How Kids Celebrate Christmas Around the World shows young readers the diverse range of Christmas celebrations across fourteen different countries. From tamales in Mexico to flatbread in Ethiopia, children will learn about different traditional holiday meals prepared across the globe. Holiday traditions and customs are discussed for each country, expanding children’s knowledge of a holiday they might already be familiar with.

How Kids Celebrate Holidays Around the World

The second book in the series, How Kids Celebrate Holidays Around the World, will introduce young readers to holidays they might not be so familiar with. This book follows fifteen different children as they teach readers about the details surrounding a holiday they celebrate with their family. From Purim to Diwali, each narrator provides nine different facts about their holiday, such as the history and both traditional and modern customs and observations. This is the perfect selection for young readers who are looking to learn more about holidays they might not celebrate.

How Kids Live Around the World

The third installation in the series, How Kids Live Around the World, will be releasing early next year and is already available for preorder. As its title indicates, How Kids Live Around the World turns the focus away from holidays and narrows in on the every lives of fifteen different children in fifteen different countries. Each child shares ten different tidbits about their life, including things like what type of house they live in, how they get around, and where they go to school. This is a fantastic selection to introduce young readers to many different cultures and lifestyles across the globe.

I want to thank both Albatros Books and Publisher Spotlight for sharing this wonderful series with me. I can’t wait to see all the other aspects of the global community this series continues to share with children.

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