Review: Read Island

I am so thrilled to be sharing Read Island by Nicole Magistro and Alice Feagan with you all today! This delightful picture book is the perfect selection for young readers who are just discovering the way reading can take you on a journey.

Title: Read Island
Author: Nicole Magistro
Illustrator: Alice Feagan
Published: October 5, 2021
Format: Picture Book

Read Island follows a young girl, a mouse, and a fox as they travel to an island made of books using the power of imagination. This rhyming picture book celebrates the magical power books have to transport us anywhere, and it instantly took me back to my early years, when I truly fell in love with reading.

While I love the lyrical text, I have to say that the illustrations might be my favorite part. Alice Feagan perfectly captures the broad range of worlds we escape to in books, as well as all the friends we meet along the way on every single page.

I highly recommend Read Island for any book lovers out there. You can pick up your very own copy wherever books are sold, including Bookshop and Amazon. (Please note: Some links provided are affiliate links. Affiliate links allow me to receive a small commission for recommendations at no cost to you. This commission is used to maintain this site and to continue bringing content to you. I always appreciate your support!)

Thank you so much to Books Forward for providing me with a review copy of this wonderful book. I can’t wait to share this with my little one to foster a love of reading!

About The Author:

Nicole Magistro is a professional reader and amateur mother who lives in the mountains of Colorado. She owned a bookstore for 15 years, wrote thousands of book reviews and memorized a few too many bedtime stories. Her favorite place in the world is the real Read Island, which inspired this story.

About The Illustrator:

Alice Feagan grew up in a small town but has traveled the world many times over through the pages of her favorite books. This love of stories (and a mild obsession with art) inspired a career in illustration. Today, she is a children’s book creator known for her distinct cut-paper collage style. When she is not writing or illustrating picture books Alice can be found hiking, creating, or reading with her two young sons. The Collectors was her authorial debut, and Read Island is the third book she has illustrated.

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