If I Had An Octopus

The duo behind If I Had a Dinosaur, If I Had a Sleepy Sloth, and If I Had a Unicorn are back at it! Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow have struck gold again with the fourth installment in the “If I Had A” series, If I Had An Octopus.

In If I had an Octopus we follow our familiar narrator, a young Black girl who imagines what it would be like to have an outlandish pet. Just like the previous titles, this book is packed with imagination, as we learn all the adventures a young girl would take if she only had a pet octopus. The lyrical text makes it a perfect read-aloud sure to entertain young readers.

The illustrations by Alex Barrow are absolutely adorable and perfectly capture all the hijinks our narrator and her imaginary pet get into — from silly multitasking to eight-legged hugs.

I really appreciated that If I Had An Octopus included a few interesting facts about octopi that readers (young and old) may not know. I for one didn’t know that an octopus has three hearts until I read this book. You learn something new every day!

If I Had An Octopus is available now wherever books are sold, including Bookshop and Amazon. (Please note: Some links provided are affiliate links. Affiliate links allow me to receive a small commission for recommendations at no cost to you. This commission is used to maintain this site and to continue bringing content to you. I always appreciate your support!)

Gabby Dawnay is a best-selling author based in London. To learn more about her and her work, please visit her website at gabbydawnay.blogspot.com.

Alex Barrow is an illustrator, art director, and regular contributor to OKIDO magazine. Please visit his website alexbarrow.co.uk to learn more about him and his work.

I would like to thank Thames & Hudson for providing me with a review copy of this book. I am so pleased to see this series continue!

Have you read If I Had an Octopus, or any of the books in the series? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below to tell me what you thought.

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