Celebrating Children’s Book Day With For Purpose Kids Book Club

Celebrated every year on or around Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday, International Children’s Books Day is all about encouraging children to read. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate International Children’s Book Day than by sharing For Purpose Kids Book Club with you all today.

For Purpose Kids was founded by Misty Castañeda, and it aims to assist parents who want to consciously raise children to uphold kindness, love, and acceptance. For Purpose Kids offers toolkits and activities to support parents in fostering these qualities, but my favorite product is their Book Club. Available in a 6-month or 12-month subscription option, this bi-weekly book club offers a picture book focused on an important topic — like anti-racism, gender equality, or LGBTQ+ acceptance, among others — as well as conversation starters, a highlight of an amazing “For Purpose Kid”, and activity guides related to each title.

For Purpose Kids generously sent me a sample to review, and I was delighted to find it included We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom. This poignant book relates the damage done by the Dakota Access Pipeline to a Native American prophecy in which a black snake comes to destroy the land. This book encourages readers to stand up to protect our water, the resource our entire world depends on, including a pledge in the back matter. Beautifully illustrated by Michaela Goade, it’s easy to see why We Are Water Protectors won the Caldecott.

I also love all of the additional information provided by For Purpose Kids. The discussion questions are spot on for the age groups, and I adore the activity ideas. My favorite though is the interview with Aydrian Day, a young boy who makes traditional art like painting, beading, and quilling.

I would highly recommend both We Are Water Protectors and the For Purpose Kids Book Club. You can grab your own subscription today at forpurposekids.com, or gift one to a child in your life for Children’s Book Day.

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