Little Feminist – A Diverse Book Subscription Box For Young Readers

I am so excited to tell you all about an amazing subscription box today! Started by Brittany Murlas in 2017, Little Feminist is a subscription box focusing on intersectional feminism, designed to bring diverse and inclusive books to your kid’s bookshelves.

We are big fans of subscription boxes in our home. From snacks, to plants, to clothing, we have tried LOTS. So many in fact that we have a tradition where my husband and I always open them for one another, revealing the surprise inside with a bit of dramatic game show flair. I was kindly provided a sample box to review, and I have to tell you all, I literally squealed when my husband revealed it to me.

Not only did the box contain a title I’ve been wanting to add to our little one’s shelves, but there was an awesome parent’s letter explaining why the title was selected, as well as some really great discussion questions for young readers. Granted, the question are over Sully’s head, since he’s still working on talking, BUT I will be keeping the bookmark in the book for when I read it to nieces or nephews. (You know, when this global pandemic is over and we all actually see our extended families on a regular basis again.)

The title I received was The Maiden and The Princess by Daniel Haack and Isabel Galupo, illustrated by Becca Human. This is a stunning queer fairy tale where all the main characters are people of color. This sweet picture book tells the story of a maiden who attends a ball thrown by the royal family intended to find a bride for the prince. Our maiden does find love at the ball…just not with the prince. (Available at Bookshop and Amazon)

I love that this box has more than the “white feminism” option and doesn’t erase the experience or existence of children of color, LGBTQ folks, disabled people, or other marginalized communities while promoting feminism. Intersectional feminism for the win!

Starting at $23/month, Little Feminist offers four different boxes for different age ranges. Each box contains 1-2 books, an age-appropriate activity, discussion questions by age group, and a parent’s letter giving lots of additional information on the title.

Little Feminist would make a perfect holiday gift for the young readers in your life! As of today (12/11/2020), there are still 3 days left to order for Christmas delivery, so be sure to order yours at today!

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