Mama Needs A Minute – The Motto for Moms in 2020

Do you ever just need a minute?

As someone who just became a mom in the insane year that 2020 has been, I have definitely needed a minute, and I have definitely needed this book.

Mama Needs A Minute, written and illustrated by Nicole Sloan, is an adorable board book all about respecting and accepting alone time. I think this is a message parents need more than ever with the self-isolation and quarantines we have all experienced this year.

This book is a sweet reminder for both children and parents that we all need time for self care in our lives. Whether that is a minute with our laptop, an extra five minutes in the shower, or the time it takes to read that extra chapter in your book, parents (and specifically mothers, who are often pressured by societal expectations to put themselves last) deserve the time to take care of themselves. In fact, we are better equipped to succeed as parents when we take the time to ensure our needs are met.

I love that “weird moms” are represented throughout this book. In the illustrations, we see moms with tattoos and moms with hairy legs. Nicole does an amazing job of capturing those mother’s who don’t always fit the “mom” stereotype.

Though I know that I have previously stated that I prefer diversity to be depicted with actual human skin tones, there are always some exceptions to rules. I have been a fan of Nicole’s work for a while, so I expected the bright colored skin tones. I understand and respect that this is an artistic choice that mirrors the rest her work.

You can purchase your own copy of Mama Needs A Minute at Bookshop, Amazon, or even from Nicole directly at This one would make a fantastic gift for any mom this holiday season.

Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with a review copy!

(Please note: This post contains affiliate links. I do receive a small commission from purchases made using these links. This commission is used to maintain this website and continue to bring content to you.)

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