A Kids Book About Disabilities

Did you know that tomorrow is the International Day of Persons With Disabilities? This holiday was established back in 1992, and it aims to promote the rights of disabled folks and raise awareness of issues faced by the disabled community. I can’t think of a better book to start conversations about disabilities than A Kids Book About Disabilities.

Written by Kristine Napper (a teacher and lifelong wheelchair user), this book is a straightforward introduction to the disabled experience for young readers. Kristine speaks directly to the reader in a conversational way, introducing herself and detailing her experience as a disabled person. She gently introduces the concept of discrimination, but explains that disabled people want to be treated normally, because they ARE normal.

There are no traditional illustrations in A Kids Book About Disabilities, but there is a great color scheme of blue, white, and yellow throughout, with a few one word spreads for emphasis. This simple design is a brilliant way to make Kristine’s message the primary focus of the book, but keep young readers’ attention with fun colors.

A Kids Book About has lots of books like this one in their collection. From Anxiety to Racism, their books run the gamut on topics that are equally challenging and important to discuss with our children. You can find A Kids Book About Disabilities and all their other books at www.akidsbookabout.com.

I would also like to thank A Kids Book About for providing me with a review copy of this book. I can’t wait to pick up more!

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