If I had a Unicorn

If I Had a Unicorn by Gabby Dawnay might just be the cutest book I’ve read all year.

This book is the third installment in the “If I Had A” series by Gabby Dawnay, preceded by If I Had A Dinosaur and If I Had A Sleepy Sloth. If I Had A Unicorn follows our adorable main character, a young Black girl who dreams of having a pet unicorn. She imagines all the fun things she and the unicorn would do. The lyrical text paired with the eye catching illustrations create an entertaining story from start to finish.

I also love how some of the illustrations stand in for the words in this story. This is a great mechanism for early readers to engage in the story, even if they don’t recognize the words. Alex Barrow’s illustrations are just so fun, they draw you in immediately. I truly can’t imagine how this book could be any cuter.

Though race is never mentioned, I love that our main character and her family are black, and that her friends all have different skin tones. This is a great book to add some melanin to your library through Black joy and happiness.

I will warn you though, there is a bit of potty humor in this one; but lets be honest…you can’t have unicorns without a little unicorn poop.

You can purchase If I Had A Unicorn (and the rest of the series) anywhere books are sold, including at my Bookshop page, which supports both Mutually Inclusive and independent bookstores nationwide. (Please note: These are affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission for purchases made using these links. This commission allows me to maintain this website and continue to put out bookish content.)

I would like to thank Thames & Hudson for providing me with a review copy of this book. It was an absolute joy to read, and I will absolutely be picking up the rest of the series for my little one’s library.

Have you read If I Had a Unicorn, or any of the books in the series? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment below to tell me what you thought.

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